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Packaged Heating and Cooling Palos Verdes, CA

The typical heating and air conditioning system found in most Palos Verdes homes is called a split system. Part of the equipment is located outside, and part of the equipment is located inside the home. Split system design is very popular because it lasts a long time, and can be configured to be very efficient.

The Case for Packaged Systems

Sometimes indoor space constraints make a split system not very practical. For these scenarios, a packaged HVAC system can be the ideal solution. A packaged system locates all equipment into a single footprint installation that is mounted outside on a cement slab in the yard. Packaged systems come as all electric, gas and electric and even hybrid heating configurations (a heat pump and a gas furnace).

Why Wouldn't Everyone Use Packaged?

So why would anyone take up indoor space with HVAC equipment if packaged systems are available? Great question. The answer comes down to life span and efficiency. Split systems will always last longer than a packaged system, and a split system is much more efficient.

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York Packaged HVAC Units

York LX Series

YORK® LX Series

Advanced LX Series Residential Package Equipment meet the latest Federal efficiency requirements with a quality-engineered, all-in-one space-saving cabinet.

Stay comfortable with an advanced cooling packaged unit with gas or electric heat.

  • Save space with an all-in-one cooling, cooling/gas-heating or electric-heating solution.
  • Advanced compressor ensures efficient cooling operation season after season.
  • Quiet operation with noise-reducing engineering.

Save energy by selecting an ENERGY STAR® recognized model.

  • Heating and cooling efficiencies meet the latest energy requirements.
  • Models with gas heating provide cost-effective warmth in cold weather.

A full-system test confirms fans, compressor, heat exchanger and control operation.

  • The industry's most advanced quality testing verifies compressor performance.
  • Standard ECM fan motors last longer.
  • Withstands weather with durable powder-paint finish.
York LX Series

York Affinity  Series

YORK® Affinity™ Series

Affinity™ Series packaged units offer higher energy efficiency than standard models in an all-in-one space-saving cabinet.

Fulfill all your comfort needs with our most advanced residential packaged units.

  • Save space with an all-in-one cooling or cooling/heating solution.
  • Proven single-stage compressor satisfies the degree of comfort you need.

Save energy by selecting an ENERGY STAR® recognized model.

  • Models available that deliver up to 16.5 SEER cooling efficiency to cut your electricity costs.
  • Choose either heat pump or gas heat models for the most efficient way to warm your home.

Feel confident with built-in diagnostics.

  • Count on internally protected compressor to withstand high temperatures and pressures.
  • Get a long-lasting, non-corrosive condensate pan.
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